The snail slime properties and benefits

Snail filtrate properties are a veritable natural treasure. Snails have the capacity to heal and replenish themselves, thanks to their filtrate.

What are the benefits

Firstly, the benefits of snail slime are for the snails themselves. In extreme cases, snails are even able to move on the cutting edge of a blade razor without hurting themselves. Moreover, snails which break their shells are able to completely repair them within a few days.

But its cosmetic properties were discovered by tests on Asper Muller’s slime (grey snail) in laboratory, and those demonstrated that this gastropod produces a lot of beneficial active ingredients to the skin and in a completely natural way.

ALLANTOIN : in its natural form has a better bioavailability. lt is rapidly absorbed into the inner layers of the human skin. Allantoin makes the regeneration of the skin possible. Snails have the particularity to regenerate their own tissues and their shell, by producing limestone that they get from their food and because the eftect of the allantoin.

COLLAGEN & ELASTIN : the two main components of skin connective tissue. They are fibrous proteins helping to fight against fine lines and wrinkles. They also boost the healing.

VITAMINS : contribute to the enrichment and the softness of the skin. snails produce those substances thanks to its highly vitamin plants feeding. The vitamins also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

THE GLYCOLIC ACID : makes exfoliation or peeling possible by erasing the dead cells of the skin, and it also helps the ingredients to penetrate in the hair follicles, by erasing the dead cells of the skin, the damaged tissues.

THE NATURAL ANTIBIOTICS : here are the ones that fight bacteria most commonly encountered in skin infections, such as staphyloccus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and acne vulgaris. These natural antibiotics help to heal some skin troubles as acne, eczema or even psoriasis.

Skin care for who, for what ?

We developed a full range of snail slime skin cares in order to respond to all family needs. Our formulas were especially made for our snail slime extract and contain it as much as possible in each formula.

Our face cares have been clinically tested to prove their efficacy on fine lines and wrinkles. We incorporated up to 65% of snail slime extract and an exclusive blend of active vegetal ingredients with exceptional properties as smoothing, softening and astringent properties.
Like snails our cares are hermaphroditic, indeed the skin moisturizing does not depend on the sex of the person.
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Acne skin care routine: Efficiently treats acne-related skin disorders. This formula with proven efficacy and dermatologically tested has both medicinal and reparative effects, thanks to the microbial nuggets naturally present in our snail filtrate, as well as 5 specific active ingredients which inhibit bacterial growth, as a result of their sebo-regulating properties. Thanks to our soothing and regenerative formula, all acne-prone skin can be treated effectively. The cosmetic action of our purifying gel inhibits the growth of P.acnes and S. aureus bacteria, therefore promoting skin repair.
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Skin care routine for atopic skin: the snail filtrate is recognized for its ability to calm skin inflammation. Our elixir rejuvenates and nourishes skin, whilst alleviating sensations of discomfort of atopic, sensitive and unbalanced skin, it alleviates discomfort such as skin redness and itchiness thanks to its natural antibiotics. To complete the snail filtrate properties, we add an exclusive blend of carefully selected active ingredients relying on phytotherapy and gemmotherapy in order to fight against stress and anxiety which are important factors in the development of such dermatitis.

Body cares : thanks to the high percentage of snail extract , they are able to moisturise and protect your skin. But they have a healing, nourishing and anti-irritating effect too that helps to soften the most sensitive skins. They also help to prevent stretch marks and reduce scars.

Cleansing care: respectful of the most sensitive skin, our cleansing cares with natural super fat and hypoallergenic tested, are recommended for the whole family even for mothers-to-be and babies.

Agathe Nature has developed a range of snail filtrate-based food supplements. Indeed a lot of our clients who use our Mlle Agathe organic cosmetics appreciate the benefits of our snail filtrate. That is why they asked us to develop food supplement in order to calm their joint pain. Collagen and elastin proteins naturally present in our snail filtrate are recognized to maintain the good health of bones and cartilage. Nevertheless the snail filtrate has never been part of undeniable scientific studies proving its therapeutic benefits. Therefore we decided to associate it with plants (Phytotherapy) and buds (Gemmotherapy) the benefits of which have been proved for decades. Our approach is firmly rooted in quality, both in the choice of our active plant ingredients and their concentration as well as through formulations, which have one specific goal: effectiveness.

Scientific data confirm these properties

Its efficacy has been proved for: scars burns, skin spots, warts wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, and Little cuts. It is also important to highlight the results of a test made by the CRGB (badly burned people center) with a positive result after the cream application for 38 patients with scars and transplants on the head, the neck and the hands. The cream has favoured the scars and the burns depigmentation, and improved skin texture regarding grafts. Other clinical trials realised, in the early 2000’s proved that in 77,7% of cases (Source : COANIQUEM), the snail slime creams had a benefic effect on the scars and the grafts caused by burns.

Everithing depend on the harvest

Be careful, the studies quoted before were carried out with cream containing more than 50% of hand-harvested snail filtrate. Moreover, in light of our experience and extensive research on the various types of filtrate, we affirm that filtrate hand-harvested in compliance with the animal’s natural cycle contains a greater quantity of natural enzymes, the bioavailability of which is much higher.

Then we transform in a cold way the snail filtrate into an extract in order to preserve the bidisponibility. We never use engines to harvest or transform our mucus, we do not use UV treatment or freeze-drying which tend to kill the whole living. Finally we incorporate this extract up to 65% in our formulas to complete the composition we add vegetal active ingredient from organic agriculture. In the list of ingredient, our snail filtrate substitutes the water, this way we obtain a product with more than 98% of active ingredient !

Traceability, monitoring and organic certification

It is one thing to claim that our snails are unharmed and that our cosmetics are organic and of the highest quality, but the fact that all this is certified by an independent body is the most significant factor for our customers.
Our COSMOS-certified skincare products are manufactured in accordance with innovative, stringent and evolving criteria for organic cosmetics. They are safe, effective and pleasant to use. This benchmark necessitates the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources and manufactured using environmentally-friendly processes.

It guarantees GMO, paraben, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticle, silicone, PEG, synthetic fragrance and synthetic dye-free products, as well as biodegradable or recyclable packaging.

Mlle Agathe selected this specification for reasons of transparency and for the internationally recognised rigour of COSMOS specification certification procedures.