Our organic certifications

Dynamic quality management

A specification is an evolving document which is likely to be continuously updated and improved in accordance with advancements in knowledge, developments in technological capabilities and general regulation. It is within this context that national specifications are being developed, in order to benefit from advancements arising from insights concerning the specification harmonised at European level, the COSMOS benchmark.

The COSMOS benchmark is a private European standard which has been developed by five founding members :

They united to form an international non-profit organisation. Their aim is to promote the use of organic ingredients, to use production and transformation processes which are respectful of the environment and human health and to incorporate and develop the ‘green chemistry’ concept.

All our certifications

The AB certification mark is the exclusive property of the French Ministry of Agriculture, which defines the rules of use. Like the European organic logo, it identifies products which are 100% organic or contain at least 95% organic products, in the case of processed products.

Ecocert is an inspection and certification body which specialises in organic agriculture. It was founded in France in 1991 by agricultural engineers aware of the need to develop ecological agriculture and to offer some form of recognition of this production method.

Since 2002, this organization is a pioneer of organic cosmetics and has defined a regulatory framework for ecological and organic cosmetology. It brings together all actors in the sector, and today unites almost 400 members in France and overseas. It works in favor of the development of natural, ecological cosmetics sourced from organic and green chemical products.

BIO EARTH DURABLE is a modern-day benchmark for ecological and bio-sourced products which guarantee the absence of product pesticides, and advocate the label, consumer respect and sustainable development. This benchmark has been developed by actors brought together in the form of a club, along with an ethics committee representative of members who adopt the specification.

Why choose our organic certified cosmetics ?

It is one thing to claim that our snails are unharmed and that our cosmetics are organic and of the highest quality, but the fact that all this is certified by an independent body is the most significant factor for our customers.

Our COSMOS-certified skincare products are manufactured in accordance with innovative, stringent and evolving criteria for organic cosmetics. They are safe, effective and pleasant to use. This benchmark necessitates the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources and manufactured using environmentally-friendly processes. It guarantees GMO-, paraben-, phenoxyethanol-, nanoparticle-, silicone-, PEG-, synthetic fragrance- and synthetic dye-free products, as well as biodegradable or recyclable packaging. Mademoiselle Agathe selected this specification for reasons of transparency and for the internationally recognised rigor of COSMOS specification certification procedures.

But in concrete terms, what does a COSMOS certified mean ?

We are the first cosmetics range to have concentrated such a large quantity of organic, certified snail slime extract. In order to promote the significance of the COSMOS ORGANIC label (a European standard for cosmetics which advocate organic and eco-design), we draw consumers’ attention to the fact that all our active ingredient concentration percentages have been verified and certified, from harvesting to the finished product.

Our active ingredient concentration