Our history

Fabrice Pierron
Patrice Lambert

Mademoiselle Agathe was created in 2013 and, as is often the case in entrepreneurship, there were encounters which opened the door to new, exciting adventures. In fact, it was due to a lucky encounter during an organic exhibition in Lyon that the story of the Mademoiselle Agathe cosmetics range began.

It was during this organic exhibition that Fabrice Pierron, who was selling products containing snail mucus for the first time, met Patrice Lambert, who had been a snail breeder since 1989. Disappointed with the formula quality of certain Spanish snail filtrate products, which contained a large amount of synthetic chemicals and petrochemicals and little, or very little snail filtrate, he also observed that the consumer was not offered any guarantee with regard to the harvesting method or snail filtrate concentration. This did not comply with the ethic of the aimed organic range.

As a result of their encounters, Fabrice learned that Patrice had already conducted all the necessary snail filtrate certification processes for cosmetic products. Unfortunately, following 3 years of hard work and some contact with laboratories with varying degrees of interest, all this expertise had not been used.

The Mademoiselle Agathe brand is the only brand able to certify an organic snail breeder who harvests snail filtrate manually.

Together, they then decided to combine their skills and start an exclusivity contract for the supply of snail filtrate, in order to develop the Mademoiselle Agathe brand. This synergy now guaranteed the benefits of the highest quality active ingredient, thanks to manually harvesting conducted in compliance with the welfare of the animal. Therefore, the Mademoiselle Agathe brand is the only brand able to certify an organic snail breeder who harvests snail slime manually. This manual harvesting means that snails do not suffer and can therefore provide us with all the benefits of their mucus.

Studies reveal that when manual harvesting is performed, the mass of snail filtrate obtained is 2 to 3 times greater than a mechanical harvest.

It is within this substantial amount of snail filtrate that the optimal ingredients, essential for the skin’s well-being, can be found (allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, vitamins, natural antibiotics etc.).

After creation and production, remains the set up of the manufacturing process. Our formulas have been specifically developed to enable us to incorporate the maximum possible amount of snail filtrate into each one of them (certified by ECOCERT, an independent certification body). Our laboratory was created in 1995 in the Pays de la Loire region on a production site of high environmental quality and in accordance with product eco-design principles. It conducts exceptional sourcing in order to ensure that each ingredient used is bio-sourced individually. Therefore, all Mademoiselle Agathe cosmetic products contain a synergy of plants, vegetable oils and vegetable wax, which are manufactured with respect for man, nature and, of course, animals.