Helicitherapy comes from the term "helix", scientific name for the snail and from the Greek "therapeía" for care: an etymology easy to understand which summarise what Mademoiselle Agathe has developed for over 7 years.


Our research through helicitherapy is optimising the benefits of snail slime proteins for the skin by the synergy of our mucus extract with organic plants, sourced in the heart of the Loire region. Because it is the respectful osmosis of animals and plants that gives all the effectiveness of our cosmetic : helicitherapy.

The goal is to revitalise our skin with the benefits of snail slime. Helicitherapy offers skin care based on manually harvested snail slime with the greatest respect for the animal. The harvested spawn mucus is known for its exceptional richness in proteins, peptides and vitamins with regeneration, healing, purification and anti-aging properties on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

We have been waiting for the results of a series of 4 scientific studies to present officially the concept of the helicitherapy.

These scientific studies in mass spectrometry and chromatography, carried out by the Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris and the University of Rouen, have shown that our extract is very rich in proteins and peptides such as collagens and hemocyanin which are cell regenerators, directly involved in the fight against wrinkles and fine lines, or actin which is an excellent healing agent. It is also interesting to note that Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder already recommended snail slime 400 BC to regenerate and heal the skin.

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The snail is a very exceptional animal. The oldest known fossils date back to the Cambrian 541 million years ago. That is, more than 200 million years before the appearance of the 1st dinosaurs and therefore approximately 500 million years before the 1st humans. We have to admit that if this mollusc exists for so long, it might just be because its anatomy is particularly well-adapted to life.

Gastropods are present in all environments: polar waters, deep sea, lakes, rivers, wetlands, highly arid environments (as they can withstand temperatures of 65 °), dry environments, high mountains... There are also marine molluscs with significant variations within each of these species. There are 103,000 species of gastropods identified as by today.

The land snail barely moves and adapts to the specificities of its environment as it grows. This allows it, in a healthy environment rich in biodiversity, to accumulate an innumerable amount of vitamins and vegetable proteins being carried in its mucus.

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The snail is a small animal that goes a little against the tide of our ever-busy societies. It is appreciated in gastronomy, but also in medicine, a field in which it has been attributed multiple properties since antique times.

Many writings reveal multiple uses of snails in particular for therapeutic purposes. Hippocrates in 400 BC, and Pliny the Elder 23 to 79 AD. recommended it in boiled form, "this remedy is sovereign to soften the pain caused by burns, abscesses and other wounds". Celsus, Roman philosopher of the 11th century, prescribed the raw snail pounded with its shell as a healing agent; boiled, it asserts its emollient properties.

And we even found a proof that one the most popular female of the world's cultural heritage, Mona Lisa del Giocondo depicted on the masterpiece of the great master Leonardo da Vinci, was already using snail slime extract in 1514 as a facial care to reduce wrinkles. Nowadays, other scientific studies have been able to confirm the therapeutic properties of snail slime, including protective and regenerating effects for the skin. As the mucus is naturally rich in collagen, vitamins and essential amino acids it is an essential nourishment for the skin. Its basic vitamins are powerful antioxidants that delay the aging of the epidermis.


For Patrice, our snail breeder in Albon (the Drôme area), pioneer of organic snail breeding in France for over 30 years: "The most important thing with snails is knowing how to take your time. More than for everything another animal, the time notion is essential, since a snail needs to evolve slowly in order to open out”, it is for this reason that we only collect the mucus by hand, snail by snail at the most opportune moment for it, when it will be the least disturbed in its natural occupations. Only then the snail will give a thick mucus, very rich in protein.

It is quite normal in bio-mimicry to be interested in organisms that have been able to adapt over time. It is therefore fascinating to note that the snail's shell, which it makes with its mucus, is a natural armor sufficiently effective to withstand time and climatic upheavals. It's amazing to think that a defense as simple as curling up in your shell is so effective in perpetuating its species.

As the question is how can they step on one foot in slime? Because the sticky mucus that snails produce is not only a lubricant, it is also a glue. This mucus, produced by glands located in the center of the foot, is a complex mixture of proteins, peptides, and other metabolites that have thixotropic properties. That is, it can be either liquid or solid depending on the mechanical constraints imposed on it.

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Mademoiselle Agathe is resolutely directed towards the effectiveness and quality of her care range, both by choosing our active ingredients and their concentrations, and in the innovation of our formulations. Therefore, we also wished to bring a scientific approach with our own data on our own snail slime extract, studies that were carried out over the past 4 years.

Taken under a microscope, our snail slime extract reveals fantastic cosmetic properties :

  • A moisturising and nourishing action with the collagens and elastin present, they determine the properties of suppleness and elasticity of the skin
  • A regenerating action with hemocyanin and RNA helicase which act on the aging process as well as skin cell renewal
  • A purifying action, antimicrobial peptides and cytokeratins, serve as a point of support for the immune system and limit the proliferation of bacteria on the skin
  • A healing action, allantoin and actin are involved in the healing process of wounds and promote tissue repair
  • An antioxidant action thanks to vitamin D and serine proteases which reduce inflammation and neutralise the action of free radicals
  • An exfoliating action which, together with glycolic acid, restores radiance to the complexion by eliminating dead skin and helps reduce skin spots


We offer a full range of cosmetics highly concentrated in snail slime extract to enjoy all of its benefits on the skin.

Our formulations incorporate the maximum possible percentage of snail slime extract. With this extract, we seek to maintain the bioavailability of the proteins of interest, meaning the part of the proteins in the extract that are effectively assimilated by the body. This may vary depending on the solvent and the structure of the concerned protein.

It is for this reason that our extraction process allows a gentle treatment of the material which, by maceration and a low cold pressure purification cycle, retains all the bioavailability of the proteins present in our snail slime extract. (See our scientific research).

Hélicithérapie est une marque déposée par Mlle Agathe.