100% hand-harvested snail filtrate

We don't just take it.
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In this section, we will explain our snail slime harvesting process which is based on a unique, manual know-how. We avoid the suffering of snails which, from our point of view, is inevitable during any mechanised harvesting methods. We do not believe that the animal is ‘handled gently and carefully’ when mechanical harvesting is performed. Not forgetting when it is subjected to electric shocks, or even centrifugation.

Not one of these methods is in line with our philosophy regarding snail lifestyle and organic cosmetics. In all cases, they go against our ethical values.

Which filtrate is the most beneficial ?
Snails produce several types of slime for different purposes. There are at least 6 different types:

  1. Filtrate for crawling: slime which enables snails to move.
  2. Epiphragm filtrate: Ectothermic animals (cold-blooded animals which are not able to regulate their body temperature themselves) adopt a slow pace of life by refraining from feeding. Snails seal the opening of their shells with an operculum, known as the ‘epiphragm’. This filtrate primarily contains limestone in order to provide, with the shell, a barrier against frost.
  3. Reproductive filtrate: The filtrate, which coats the snail’s ‘love dart’, doubles the snail’s chances of fertilisation during mating. Snail fertility can be attributed to chemical reactions within the filtrate rather than within the ‘love dart’ itself.
  4. Spawning filtrate: Snails leave a nutrient-rich filtrate which coats the hole in which the spat are deposited. The new-born are able to feed on this during their first few days of life. This filtrate is thicker and very rich in organic macromolecules such as allantoin and glycolic and vitamin acid, This is the mucin we manually harvest
  5. Defence or stress filtrate: This is a very fluid, low quality protein filtrate. This filtrate is primarily harvested using barbaric ‘disgorging or exploitation’ methods
  6. Regenerative filtrate: This filtrate is typically produced by snails to protect themselves from parasites and intruders

In this section, we will affirm, in light of our experience and extensive research on the various types of slime, that manually harvested slime in compliance with the animal’s natural cycle contains a greater quantity of natural enzymes, the bioavailability of which is much higher.

Frequently cited studies conducted in Chile in a severe burns unit concluded that 80% of patients who were treated with snail filtrate experienced remarkable results, both in terms of skin texture and a reduction in wounds. This snail filtrate was hand harvested.



Our technique of manual harvesting and extraction at low cold pressure comes in total opposition to certain mechanical techniques which claim “fresh” or “pure” slime even “pure fresh 100% organic filtered snail slime” because this implies that these are industrial machines that are responsible for stimulating the snail more or less gently depending on the machines used. So yes indeed no solvent is added but everything is degraded by filtration and UV.

Explanation: these principles of mechanical industrial harvests, collect a very liquid mucin and with poorer bioavailability of enzymes (stress mucus - the more liquid the mucus, the less peptide bonds are found). Then, this mucin, although being very fluid, is filtered by nanofilters. This increases the pressure and heats the snail's stress secretion and has the immediate effect of breaking the chain bonds of the few remaining proteins, it is then irradiated with UV. Finally, enough preservatives must be added to also drop the bacterial flora to less than 100 PPM (Part Per Million), which aims to destroy microbes, but also molds, spores, yeasts, sugars, i.e. the whole of the living.

The difficulty with snail slime is that the mucin is loaded with good and bad bacteria. This is the know-how of our laboratory specializing in extraction: preserving life by reducing the naturally present bacterial flora. Therefore, we carry out an extract at a low cold pressure so that all living things do mix in the solvent (water, oil or alcohol). This is how an asset must be produced if we want to be able to benefit from the requested properties and this has been the case for hundreds of years: we have been making plant extracts known and recognized for their benefits.

This makes our approach much smoother and above all more efficient. It has long been known in the plant world that it is more interesting to perform active extracts by low cold pressures, using a solvent (water, alcohol, oil) rather than using raw, chopped plant , pressed, heated. We consider that the attention in the collection of raw materials and the processing for the exploitation of their benefits, must be in line with our values.


A maximum of slime for a maximum efficiency.

We are developing a range of cosmetics highly concentrated in snail slime extract to be able to enjoy all of its benefits. Our formulas incorporate the maximum amount of snail slime extract possible. We choose to develop cosmetics whose bio-based raw materials aim to promote an unique French know-how with fair remuneration for our producers. Moreover, our treatments are adapted to the most delicate skins. They are suitable for the most sensitive and fragile skins.

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