Vegetable fiber sponge

This 100% natural sponge glove from Luffa, which is a plant from the cucurbits family (zucchini family), will allow you to eliminate impurities from the skin by a gentle body peeling under the shower. This glove will also allow you to soften calluses on the feet, knees or elbows. As an additional advantage, this natural sponge fiber prepares before waxing and will thus prevent ingrown hairs. It also stimulates circulation and will therefore help fight cellulite. More information
This natural Luffa body scrub glove has natural spiral-shaped fibers that have exceptional exfoliating properties. The main property of this glove is to exfoliate the skin. Moisten the Loofah sponge to make it softer, then rub it with a mild soap. Our cold-saponified soaps are perfect for achieving a smooth skin by scrubbing the skin pores of toxins. Its rough vegetable fiber can be used every day on the roughness of the feet, elbows, knees. For more sensitive body areas, a weekly use is recommended. Then proceed with gentle circular movements starting with the lower body and working your way up, checking that the natural sponge is still sufficiently loaded with soap. This glove is also a good way to stimulate blood circulation by draining water and fat, and to fight cellulite.

It is perfect for removing impurities and dead skin for:

  • Gently exfoliate sensitive skin,
  • Eliminate dead skin,
  • Prepare before waxing,
  • Stimulate blood circulation,
  • Help fight against cellulite.

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Use our natural sponge glove, from Luffa, for a body scrub in the shower with gentle and circular massages.

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